Cold Weather Scarves Made Different

Freend Kat™ cold weather scarves are designed to comfort those experiencing eczema, topical steroid withdrawal and other sensitive skin conditions.
Environmental factors such as chemicals, allergens, bacteria, dust mites, fabric materials and textures can irritate sensitive skin.   In addition,  cold weather scarves made out of traditional materials such as cashmere, wool, acrylic or polyester could cause discomfort and are often "dry clean only".

Freend Kat scarves are designed to provide you with maximum comfort while having you look and feel great in any occasion. It's also machine washable.

Long Lasting Comfort

Made from a high quality blend of TENCEL™ lyocell and organic cotton, Freend Kat scarves are soft, smooth and breathable. 

TENCEL™ lyocell is a sustainably sourced fiber from responsibly-harvested trees. It is found to reduce itching and improve comfort for those with sensitive skin.  It contains fibers that support the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, keeping your skin feeling cool and dry.

Hypoallergenic:  Freend Kat scarves use only fabrics that have been tested for the use of harmful chemicals.

Better Hygienic Qualities

Designed to be machine-washable so you can always have a fresh scarf on your skin.  The moisture management properties in TENCEL™ Lyocell also provides an environment unfavorable for bacteria growth.

TENCEL™ Lyocell

TENCEL™ lyocell is a plant-based fiber derived from sustainable wood sources and uses an eco-friendly process where over 99% of the low toxicity solvents used are recovered and recycled.

Made in Canada.


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