No More Itchy Scarves

No More Itchy Scarves

October 07, 2019 2 Comments

No More Itchy Scarves

Fall has arrived and the cool air is here!  As we feel the chills, we cover up more of our skin with clothes to protect us.  Soon, winter will be here and we’ll experience cold temperatures, winds, and snow.

A comfy scarf is our go-to clothing to protect our neck from the environment and keeps us warm. The skin on the neck is delicate and sensitive. So for those with sensitive skin, the kinds of fabrics that touch the neck are extremely important.

Hence, finding the right fabric for our cold weather scarf collection was one of the key aspects of our design.

Being familiar with the sensitive skin lifestyle, we knew we were going to stay away from animal-based fibers (such as wool, cashmere, alpaca) which are common irritants for some people. Additionally, we were also avoiding certain common man-made fibers which are treated with thousands of harmful toxic chemicals during fabric production.

Our top two fiber choices for fabrics were, lyocell and organic cotton. Not only because they are the top fibers found to reduce itching and improve comfort for those with sensitive skin conditions (such as eczema), but also, we understood the characteristics of both fibers and their production processes.

We tested various types of lyocell and cotton fabrics - 100% organic cotton, 100% lyocell, and lyocell-cotton blends for our scarf prototypes according to a number of factors including: how it feels on the skin, how it looks, and how it stands up after being washed in the washing machine.

In particular, we paid close attention to the comfort tests because organic cotton can be made into many types of fabrics - and the feel can differ vastly. Just because something is 100% organic cotton does not automatically equate to true comfort.

After reviewing many different fabric blends, textures and weight, we think we found the most comfortable fabric for our Classic Anytime Cold Weather Scarf Collection. We’re so happy to introduce it to you and hope you’ll also experience true scarf comfort.

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Catherine from Freend Kat Canada
Catherine from Freend Kat Canada

December 01, 2019

Hi Rena,

Thank you for your note, and I am so sorry that you too suffer from extremely sensitive skin.

I, myself, struggle with really sensitive and reactive skin. I deeply empathize and hope that our scarves can provide care for you.

I came to design and produce these scarves due to my own battle with severe eczema so I know on a very personal level what it feels to have to through winter without something to protect my skin from the environmental elements, scratchy winter jackets and scarves.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions. Thank you for considering our Anytime Cold Weather Scarves, we look forward to the opportunity to bring you delight.


Rena Ho
Rena Ho

December 01, 2019

Hi, I have extremely sensitive skin. I’m thinking of trying your scarves.

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